The Final Legion

The Jouney Begins

The whole party came together Mika is a ranger and seems reserved, Kilo is an artificer who seems to be in his own little tinkerers world, but he saved my ass despite having altered my skill set. Then there’s Cassi a young sorceress, who seems a bit naive, but with the potential for great magic’s. After my resurrection I’ve found a new found passion for killing members of “The Final Legion”. We managed to fell a few low ranking thugs, a low level officer that went by the name of Jordan, and also a possibly high ranking officer referred to as Zargan. It took the help of prince Karken the wall to fell Zargan and it ended with the wall losing his life. After meeting with the prince’s brother the king Harsus, he requested that we continue to track this threat that killed his brother bringing him their pendants and tabards. We also discovered that mysterious dark powers emanated from Zargan’s officer pendant. The pendant was a depiction of the sun with a spear going through it.

After resting a couple of days in the town of Melody king Harsus, and some others arrived for Kraken’s funeral. There was a funeral precession to the ritual site that was being led by Gregor Cain a cleric of Bahamut and cord. In our time speaking to him we discovered the symbol of the pendants we had been collecting were actually the “Symbol of Farlows”, or “The Spear of Vengance”. Cain went on to say that Farlows was one of the early settlers that was a mighty warrior that died but the Pantheon raised him as a demigod because of his valor and strength. During the funeral a band of “The Final Legion” followers interrupted the ceremony and the Harsus took flight after them with us following behind. After dispatching the interlopers we returned to the ceremony site to discover that it had been attacked as well; Cain was impaled on a spear, Karken’s body had been taken, and there were various others that were injured and killed defending the site. As we followed the bandits we approached a familiar mage who had escaped our grasp in the forest. We learned that his name is Arthalan and he informed us that we were fighting for killers, and should we defeat his companions and continue to the ruins of Harvack we should make a stop at the “Temple of Farlows”. When we arrived in Harvack we proceeded to the “Temple of Farlows” where we discovered a magical rune that we deduced was an enchantment that would allow some of us to make a blood offering that gave us a glimpse into the past.

Appeared as one of his possible ancestors by the name of Korbin who appeared to be a lieutenant. He stood in the background observing the slaughter that was going on around him.

Appeared as Vandree a male elf who seemed to be a very graceful yet powerful warrior that was defending the city of Harvack.

Appeared as Theyla the arch druid of the forest and the soul mate of Vandree. She felt a shattering pain in her heart and knew that Vandree had been slain.

After the visions we rested up and set out towards the old Harvack orphanage to try to make sense of all their visions when we encountered a reanimated version of Karken. Upon defeating Karken his soul was collected by Bahamut. We continued through the door at the back of the room to find what appeared to be a powerful dark sorcerer when Malachi pushed through to the front thundering blade in hand telling the party to retreat. As the group turned to flee Malachi asked that I deliver a message to the Sapphire City in the fey wild if I Should ever return. “Si Shystal Shadis (The Thundering Blade), died fighting the darkness.” We then collected Karken’s body and took a portal back to the melody, where we finished the ceremony for the prince and reported to the king. Karthin the son of Karken gifted his father’s battle axe to me which had Karken’s family’s names engraved on the head.

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